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Regeneration and the future

Land suitable for food production, to feed the people of the world, is fast becoming scarce as regeneration practices have in many areas been historically poor. Sadly, the amount of suitable land on earth has reduced by 50% in the past 60 years. Rapid growth in the percentage of the world‘s land ‘under production’ has been essential but this has at the same time degraded natural ecosystems. Packhorse is committed to investing in Australian farmland and natural ecosystem regeneration to deliver value across the board from existing farmland.


The cold hard fact is that agriculture is a huge contributor to global warming. At the outset, Packhorse identified an urgent need to regenerate our agricultural land and restore the balance of our delicate ecosystem. Allowing nature to work its magic and fostering a watchful eye by Packhorse custodians has allowed us to make crucial steps towards producing more beef for less land in a more respectful way. The COVID-19 pandemic has now re-ignited the conversation that we need to produce more of our own food here in Australia. A sentiment that aligns with the Packhorse production philosophy. In a world now focussed on carbon emissions, our regenerative agriculture model repositions Australian pastoral farmland to sustainably produce more of our own food.


The team behind Packhorse has 30 years specialised experience in the red meat industry. That industry has produced a unifying strategy for Australia’s red meat and livestock industry over the next decade. Its purpose is to:

  • Identify whole of industry priorities shared across the supply chain
  • Support their people to deliver in an industry charged with delivering now and into the future
  • Research and develop priorities for the livestock industry
  • Create a customer centric approach, to meet the needs of consumers in Australia and overseas
  • Coordinate industry investment and advocacy to maximum effect
  • Adapt to a changing world

“People feel good about eating Australian red meat. Our customers, consumers and communities recognise the vital role our industry plays in food production and food security, and trust us to deliver high value, high quality products.”
– Red Meat 2030

Australian red meat industry facts#:

  • $28.5 Billion in sales (2018-19)
  • $17.2 Billion in export receipts (2018-19)
  • $11.3 Billion in domestic sales (2018-19)
  • 80,000 businesses operating across the supply chain
  • 2.2 Million live head exported
  • 3 million tonnes of red meat produced in 2029
  • 405,000 people employed

Source: # RedMeat2030

Packhorse allocates capital contributed by investors aligned with this future-proofing philosophy into the regeneration of currently inefficient farms, particularly in the red meat industry, that may possess depleted soils and high carbon emission operations.

This regenerates the land and delivers the true potential and value of the land by the introduction of best practice technology, reduced carbon emissions and long term increased soil productivity.


56,000 hectares of farmland owned and managed


  • Lorraine
  • Lighthouse
  • Oakwood
  • Juandah Plains
  • Glendoan
  • Pialaway
  • North Combarngo
  • Retreat
  • Naturi

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