Packhorse listed in nation's top 100 Green Power Players - Packhorse

Packhorse listed in nation’s top 100 Green Power Players

Perry Williams, editor, The List: Green Power Players 2022

Australia’s transition towards renewable energy and a greener economy is the greatest challenge — and the greatest opportunity — of our time. We are proud to celebrate 100 Australians who are leading the way with innovative ideas, new technology and bold vision.

Geoff Murrell started his professional career as a jackeroo. He now leads Packhorse, a rural investment business which owns and manages agricultural property for beef farming using the principles of regenerative agriculture, which seeks to increase biodiversity and enrich the soil over time. 

Packhorse is currently seeking investment for Packhorse Pastoral Co, an entirely new entity with plans to create a two million-hectare land bank for cattle grazing and soil carbon sequestration.