Packhorse Pastoral Company

The Company’s five year strategy is to acquire $1 billion in cattle stations across 3 stages

Packhorse Pastoral Company
Targets:IRR – 8-10%pa*
3 stages
2m hectares of pastoral land
500,000 head of cattle (Stage 3)
Location:Coonamble NSW to west of Townsville QLD
Acquisition Criteria:450 - 600mm + rainfall
High quality grower country
Stage 1Offer OpenOffer ClosesInvestment TermTarget IRR pa
  • $300m agricultural assets (8-12 properties)
  • Between Coonamble in New South Wales and Taroom in Queensland
  • High quality grower country
  • Predominant service delivery model and non-ownership of cattle
22 Sept. 202116 November 20215 Years8-10% pa*

*3-4% Cash yield, 5-6% Capital Growth. Calculations based on 10 year investment term.  Excludes income upside derived from sale of ACCUs


Packhorse has an Australian Financial Services Licence for Wholesale Managed Investments (AFSL 524630).


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Building returns and capital for the long term

Property backed
Conservative gearing & fixed interest payments
Income secured under long term contracts

Contracted income to smooth revenue cashflows