Oakwood - Packhorse



Oakwood comprises 4,122HA of premium grazing land, west of Kandanga, Queensland.

Key Information

Property Summary
Turnkey operation on purchase
Strong development opportunity to increase AE carrying capabilities and land value.

Land Area
4,122 HA

West of Kandanga, Qld

Acquisition Date
December 2018

Investment Manager
Packhorse Investments Australia Pty Ltd.

Property Manager
Tom Barnes

Land Type
1,648Ha Blue gum, bloodwood slopes and hollows
978Ha Tall open forest on steep hills and mountains
807Ha Mixed open forests on duplex and loams
361ha Blue gum flats
328.12Ha Hoop pine scrub

Mean Annual Rainfall

Cattle Grazing Capacity
3,000 LSUs

High Level Development Strategy
– Split on land type
– Reduce size for maximum herd impact
– Open up unfenced areas
– Utilise unused land
Revegetation management
– Improve pastures
– Introduce Grazing Management : Maximum response per mm of rainfall