Ottley Station - Packhorse


Ottley Station

The first New South Wales based property in the Packhorse Pastoral Company Portfolio, Ottley Station is located 54km north west of Inverell, within close proximity to northern New South Wales and southern Queensland feedlots and meat processing facilities.

Property Summary
*54 kilometres north west of Inverell, New South Wales

Land Area
50 radial km from Inverell, NSW
Acquisition Date
24 January 2022

Company Structure
Packhorse Pastoral Company (Australia) Limited

Property Manager
Glen Brooker

Land Type
High proportion of black clay soils that lend themselves well to carbon sequestration

Mean Annual Rainfall
Annual average rainfall recorded at Inverell of 500mm

Cattle Grazing Capacity
Estimated 4,000 AE’s on acquisition

High Level Development Strategy

– Conversion of 600 hecatares to improved pastures

– Five equipped bores reticulating into a network of troughs complemented by 32 dams as well as double frontage to Ottley and Jardine’s creeks
–Well fenced with 31 paddocks and extensive laneways which ensures the efficient movement of stock
Soil improvement
– Introducing deep rooted legumes, increasing water infiltration which starts increasing the microbial activity
Carbon Sequestration baselining & measurement
– Carbon Link have conducted a study on suitable area and land types for carbon sequestration project – identified 50% of land area is suitable