Stuart's Creek - Packhorse


Stuart’s Creek

The first property in the Packhorse Pastoral Company Portfolio, Stuart’s Creek is a prominent Roma District property steeped in tradition, having operated as a Hereford Stud since the early 1950s and continuing to be operated with a prime Hereford breeding and fattening herd.

Property Summary
*50 kilometres north west of Roma via the Warrego Highway, turning off at Hodgson Siding *18 kilometres west of Roma.

Land Area
North West of Roma, Qld
Acquisition Date
7 July 2021

Company Structure
Packhorse Pastoral Company (Australia) Limited

Property Manager
Joel Hurley

Land Type
The majority of the country is heavy buffel grass pasture in the lighter open box forest soils on the northern end of the property, running into stronger Brigalow Belah Bottle Tree type soils as you move south.

Mean Annual Rainfall
Annual average rainfall recorded at Roma of 560.30mm

Cattle Grazing Capacity
Estimated 3,000 AE’s

High Level Development Strategy
– Watered by bores, equipped with submersible solar pumps, 1 equipped with diesel kubota pump
– 26 dams support the bore water and each paddock has permanent water
– Local creeks and watercourses run through the property with semi-permanent waterholes
– Subdivision of 3 paddocks circa 25km of fencing is required enabling pasture utilisation, padding rotation and increased stock density
– Water infrastructure will be upgraded with new poly lines, 10 poly tanks, 3 rhino tanks and 20 new troughs securing required water delivery under increased stock density grazing program
Pasture improvement
– First phase (Year 1) – turn existing cropping country into improved pastures circa 1,500 HA
– Second phase – introduce legumes to the buffel mono cultures, deep rip fertiliser into lighter degraded country
– Third phase – move to heavier black soils, introduce legumes, grass species to existing buffel mono culture
Soil improvement
– Introducing deep rooted legumes, increasing water infiltration which starts increasing the microbial activity
Carbon Sequestration baselining & measurement
– Carbon Link have conducted a study on suitable area and land types for carbon sequestration project – identified 4,500HA suitable
– Baseline process commencing Sept/Oct 2021 – involves drilling core samples 1.5 metres deep in different land types analysing carbon content in soils.