As land custodians, we’re building the greatest land restoration and beef supply chain business in the world. The journey has started, and the future is clear

Packhorse acquires and manages agricultural properties through land restoration practices.

Our Mission is to become a global leader in the practice of regenerative grazing and profitable cattle farming by:

  1. Providing sound investment benefits including capital preservation, consistent non correlated returns, potential carbon credit upside.
  2. Enhancing soil and pasture biodiversity to improve cattle production performance.
  3. Promoting environmentally responsible and sustainable cattle farming practices to combat climate change.
  4. Addressing global food security as our population approaches 10bn people.

OFFer open

8-10% pa*

*Target IRR 3-4% Cash Yield, 5-6% Capital Growth. Based on 10 year investment period.
Excludes income derived from sale of ACCUs

Investment Portfolio

64,360 hectares of land under management


Invest with Packhorse

Wealth preservation, stable income streams, participation in climate change mitigation and carbon revenue upside.

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Packhorse Custodians

Deeply committed to the rural landscape, our team has managed some of Australia's largest pastoral operations.

Pastoral Company

Packhorse plans to raise $1.5 billion over five years to create a two-million-hectare cattle grazing and carbon sequestration portfolio.

The Packhorse Code

The Packhorse carries the load. The strong, hardworking bronc holds the most valuable supplies on every adventure. The loyal horse that never shies from challenges & surprises, always sure footed, good-natured & kind. The tireless workhorse that doesn’t seek out recognition, but is always there to do the job.