About Packhorse

At Packhorse, our purpose is to pave the way to food security through environmental restoration. Our long term and sustainable approach will improve the health and profitability of Australian pastoral land enhancing the financial, social and environmental returns of our investment partners. 

Packhorse is an Australian investment house committed to the principles of regenerative agriculture and by utilising these principles in its agribusiness operations targets both positive yields and environmental outcomes.

Packhorse is an experienced and multi-faceted organisation. For over 30 years, the Packhorse team has been deeply committed to the Australian rural landscape, having operated some of Australia’s largest farming pastoral operations.

Packhorse is committed to restoring the biodiversity in our agricultural ecosystems by using modern respectful farming practices and instilling a passion for learning into all of our Packhorse custodians.
With good planning that prioritises thoughtful outcomes over a quick fix and a regenerative philosophy that is complementary to its rural setting, Packhorse is set to play a major role in Australia’s agricultural future.
Packhorse has an Australian Financial Services Licence for Wholesale Managed Investments (AFSL 524630).


Interested in changing Australia’s agricultural land for the better?