About Packhorse

Our Story

A culture where people, animals and the environment are in balance, coupled with a history of business success through planning and prioritising thoughtful outcomes, puts Packhorse at the forefront of Australia’s agricultural future.

Tom Strachan, Chief Investment Officer & Chief Storyteller 

Throughout a 20-year business career I’ve had tremendous luck in being involved with exceptional people. This has enabled the creation of phenomenal high-performance teams and cultures, delivering significant business outcomes.

In 2014, I managed to deliver on a life-time goal, to own a trophy cattle station and prime Australian soil. It was also about returning to a space, industry, that provides me purpose and belonging at an individual, spiritual and holistic level.

In re-engaging with the cattle industry and pastoral sector, I came to realise three critical opportunities:

That the space has dysfunctional aspects, which create enormous opportunity.
It’s far greater than just about cattle and supply chains, it’s really about the entire system: animals in balance with the environment.
There’s an opportunity to do something extremely rare in business….create a movement, to be industry leaders on a global scale.

With Packhorse, we are building a business with real purpose.

A business of scale that plays a significant role in the world.  We have a custodial obligation to restore our soils, rebalancing the environment with animals that also provide food. In turn, we want to make it possible for great people to achieve fantastic personal and business growth, at all times adding value to the environment, clients, stakeholders and community.



  • We have a demonstrable track record of outperformance for investors.


  • Our approach protects our investors against commodity price fluctuations through the use of established relationships within the supply chain and the management of a strategic mix of high value climate-change resilient assets.


  • Our integrated frameworks have been refined through managed services to a number of well-established family offices.


  • We have garnered a significant, trusted network to date through face-to-face relationships with customers and rural communities. We see ourselves as a vital part of the fabric of these rural towns and a key contributor to their long term success.


  • We invest in local properties that are competitive on a world scale
  • We utilise best practices in science and technology to promote regenerative pastures and agricultural land
  • We strategically focus on food scarcity, climate change, the humane treatment of animals and world population trends
  • We strive for excellence in everything we do
  • We are committed to promoting change.


  • Our investments have led to the ongoing regeneration of over 27,000ha of farm and natural rural landscape in Australia, via the implementation of proven practices and technology.


  • We do what we say
  • We are clear at the outset.