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Why invest in Australian grasslands?

Packhorse invests in grassland, predominantly cattle properties, in order to maximise the opportunities driven by national food security, climate change and population growth. Our investors recognise the opportunities created by these sectors.

Grassland regeneration

At the outset, Packhorse identified a strategic investment opportunity that comes from slowing the growth of the Australian agricultural footprint by producing more food off existing grassland. Packhorse is committed to investing in Australian grassland and natural ecosystem regeneration of existing grassland.

Investment returns and environmental goals must go hand in hand for success to be measured. To date, when more food growing land was required, more native forests were cleared. The natural assets have been de-valued dramatically over the generations. If this continues, the loss of biodiversity will slow carbon removal and the delivery of oxygen to our planet.

Packhorse is committed to investing in Australian grassland and natural ecosystem regeneration to deliver value across the board from existing grassland by integrating key parameters into the operating procedures of our business.

These parameters are:


Climate change is the most significant environmental problem confronting the world today. We believe that it is a genuine threat that fund managers need to address now. In addition, the industry faces a raft of well established environmental issues including water management, soil health and chemical control, all of which must be systematically dealt with in order to deliver positive investment outcomes.


Packhorse endeavours to recruit staff and local contractors and to facilitate conditions and lifestyle opportunities that meet community standards to ensure the continuance of positive social and economic outcomes locally.
We plan always to minimise the impact of our operations of these local communities and communicate with them regularly to maintain transparency.


Packhorse runs a Governance, Risk, Audit and Compliance Committee with external non-executive members that independently monitor outcomes. We responsibly source materials and services so as to not intentionally disadvantage or injure other parties.

Monitoring, Evaluation and Reporting (MER) is a vital component of this process. Packhorse measures performance against our goals and then as a result, implements plans to improve the outcomes. The MER framework is part of the Packhorse ISO 9001 accredited Quality Management System.


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